Planning and thinking ahead

04/10/2014 10:04 AM

04/12/2014 8:12 AM

Re "California water plan unveils hardships to come as drought persists" (Our Region, April 10): In 2007 Ford began the process of retooling their plants to make smaller cars. Better late than never, they were thinking ahead to the future.

Good company planning is what makes or breaks an industry. The same can be said about our current water crisis. As complicated as the state delivery system is, an even more complicated system was busy preparing for the worst. In the last two years, I have noticed the native plants in the creeks nearby are taller than in years past. They sent their roots deeper in an effort to find more water. Farmers in California have been gulping water from every mud puddle and creek they could find for hundreds of years, and the current drought is leaving them high and dry.

Why didn't they start installing drip systems back during the last great drought in the seventies? Nature plans, so should we.

-- Kathleen Stricklin, Arden

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