RT should monitor bus drivers

04/11/2014 9:04 AM

04/12/2014 8:35 AM

Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna commendably seeks ways for RT to improve safety. RT could start with video surveillance of its bus drivers, who often drive aggressively. Standing near the front of a crowded express bus headed down I-5 can be a harrowing experience, as drivers routinely tailgate (sometimes slamming on the brakes due to following too closely); make unnecessary lane changes; often drive one-handed (or even one-fingered); and occasionally top out at 70 MPH. In addition, theyâ™ll periodically shoot the breeze with a friendly passenger (often perched in front of the white line). On Monday a 3-Bus driver charged down the freeway while locked in amiable conversation with a friend, driving with the left hand while gesturing animatedly with the right (and was so thoroughly distracted that on exiting the freeway the bus veered off-route by sailing past the left turn at Greenhaven Drive).

-- Charles Goodman, Sacramento

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