Look for the source of that bad bicyclist behavior

04/11/2014 10:04 AM

04/12/2014 8:32 AM

Re "Let's follow a few rules of the road, please" (Editorials, April 11): I commend the Bee for calling for restraint and rule-following on our shared roadways and for limiting your usual castigation of cyclists.

I enjoyed, too, the accuracy of describing bike lanes as "the mad doodlings of urban planners"; our downtown bicycle infrastructure is horrendous. Bike lanes start or end abruptly, trace out a weaving path unpredictable to motorists, and often require riders to jockey with cabbies and delivery trucks and valet services and flung-open car doors.

Those who ride are merely reacting to the streets on which they ride. There should be little surprise that so many people on bicycles fall back to "fight or flight", either rudely asserting their right to the road or taking to the safe-seeming sidewalk to terrorize pedestrians -- they have few other options!

Before you next call out bad cyclist behavior, look at the bad road that's likely causing it.

-- Ryan Sharpe, Sacramento

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