"Harshly Treated Inmates"?

04/11/2014 3:04 PM

04/12/2014 8:24 AM

Re "Prison tactics found horrific" (Page A1, April 11): The only thing I found horrific about this report is the degree of disconnect demonstrated by "Appointed for Life" Federal Judges like Lawrence Karlton! Perhaps these demagogues should leave the sterility of their protected chambers and see what it's like to attempt to control insane felons shoving feces into their own breathing tube!

You reported Judge Karlton was "visibly anguished" watching videos of beleaguered prison staff pepper-spraying this psychotic criminal? Does that "anguished" judge realize that everyone in law enforcement who is trained to use chemical agents (pepper spray) must first submit to having it used on THEMSELVES during the certification process?

How about these "concerned" parents of Joseph Duran who died in custody, who didn't even know this career criminal was back in prison yet they are so concerned about their poor estranged son that they are suing the state for his wrongful death, unbelievable!

-- Rene LaPrevotte, Diamond Springs

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