Donald Sterling and privacy

04/29/2014 9:04 AM

04/29/2014 2:23 PM

Re "Blowback on Sterling shows a new era of NBA" (Editorials, April 29): On the same day the Supreme Court hears arguments for the legality of cell phone searches without warrant, The Sacramento Bee's editorial board profiled reaction to the vile, universally hated Donald Sterling who during a private argument appears to have let his true thoughts known while being recorded without his knowledge.

The court system is often required to get warrants to admit evidence against someone, but in the court of public opinion, this juicy, leaked information is the finest way to convict someone.

Today, we live among recorders in every pocket and soon drones that could record our every moment without our knowledge. Sterling's 9-minute recordings were edited to the needed 20 seconds of hate required to inspire the global outpouring of vitriolic hatred of his actions. The only clear path is for all to live lives like every moment will be edited and published globally. Good luck.

-- Erik Hammer, Folsom

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