Thank God For Donald Sterling!

04/29/2014 12:04 PM

04/29/2014 2:19 PM

Re "Sterling has stormy past" (Sports, April 29): Prejudice's toxicity remains, festering under the veneers of political-correctness and chosen unconsciousness. Sterling's vulgar comments expose beliefs and fears shared by more Americans than we'd like to believe.

Thank God the idiot made his unbelievably ignorant comments! Parents have the opportunity to discuss this with their children. Sponsors have opportunities to make statements. Every single American is either "Part of the Problem, or Part of the Solution."

While science is proving the fallacies of racial delineation (we're all MUCH more "family" than we ever realized), as a Social Psychologist, my hope is that even "minority" US Citizens review their beliefs, including about their own cultures. Prejudice pervades and manipulates many, many American's self-images, beliefs, and relationships.

As Donald Sterling is appropriately vilified as an icon for ignorance and sickness, the power of "the people" brings opportunity to elevate the US image!

-- Mitch Darnell, MS, OSM, CRC, Sacramento

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