Gas prices to skyrocket in 2015

04/30/2014 8:04 AM

05/01/2014 1:36 PM

2015 will bring an unwelcome hike in already expensive gasoline prices when transportation fuels are placed under the cap-and-trade regulations.

What does transportation fuels under the cap-and-trade regulations even mean? It's just a fancy way of saying there's a new hidden tax on its way. This hidden tax will deepen the hole lower and middle income Californians have been digging themselves out since the recession ended.

Additional expense to the already unmanageable prices of transportation is regressive and bad public policy. The California Air Resources Board should wait until the economy has recovered and unemployment is under control.

Even Senator Darrell Steinberg admitted that gas prices will continue to skyrocket without an end in sight. Regardless what former Speaker Fabian Nunez says about alleged offsets, we're all going to be paying the price at the pump next year for his bad public policy decisions.

-- Debra Gaylord, Yuba City

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