Letters to the Editor

May 5, 2014

Don't criticize emergency personnel

Re "Pilot dies as plane crashes at California air show" (Our Region, May 5): I am a pilot, trauma surgeon and retired U.S. Air Force physician. I would recommend that photojournalist Roger Bockrath await the coroner's report prior to criticizing the emergency personnel at Travis Air Force Base.

Unfortunately, high-speed impacts in an inverted open cockpit Stearman usually result in fatal head and chest injuries. I can fully understand Bockworth's anger and frustration as he documented the crash. His photos will be useful to the National Transportation Safety Board investigation and hopefully provide solace to the family that Edward Andreini's death occurred instantaneously while he was performing and enjoying a lifelong love of aerobatic flying.

-- Michael Klein, MD, FACS, Carmichael

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