Fighting stereotypes with stereotypes

05/11/2014 2:05 PM

05/08/2014 6:45 PM

Re "Millennials just don't fit boomers' mold" (Forum, May 4): I was prepared to agree with James Morrison that the stereotype of milliennials was unfair. Even if a few individuals are lazy and narcissistic, the whole generation is not. However, he lost me when his own writing started to turn to blaming and excuse-making.

Rather than respond to an accusation on its premises, Morrison dishes blame. Where we see millennials still at home and self-absorbed, it's really because boomers stank up the economy and raised this next generation of narcissists. In a humorous turn, he stereotypes right back. We boomers have forgotten the help we received from our tech-savvy youngsters with our DVRs and emoticons.

This is cute writing, but hypocritical in a piece that calls for dropping stereotypes. It could lead to an unfair appraisal of a generation, that millennials shift blame and make excuses.

But wait, let's not stereotype here.

-- Calvin T. Stevens, Roseville

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