People do still smoke, Jerry

05/06/2014 3:05 PM

05/08/2014 6:47 PM

Re "Jerry Brown warns against spending, throwing cigarettes out car windows" (Capitol Alert, May 5) Stanford professor Robert Proctor points out tobacco myth No. 1 is "Nobody smokes anymore." Recently, our esteemed Governor said "Don't throw cigarette butts out the car window, assuming anybody smokes anymore."

Well, Gov. Brown, 4 million Californians still smoke, and 60,000 Californians die every year from this product, used exactly as intended.

Anything else that was killing 60,000 Californians a year, and was completely preventable, you'd be all over it.

For this killer, simple common sense prevention measures die in committee. Like SB575, which would have protected smoke-free workplaces in California. You, Governor, didn't lift a finger to help. And Proposition 29, which would have reduced smoking in California. Tobacco giant Philip Morris spent $30 million to defeat it.

In an incredible coincidence, Brown's 2014 re-election campaign took $26,000 from Philip Morris, but I'm sure that's no problem. After all, nobody smokes anymore.

-- Jonathan Krueger, Pleasanton

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