Letters to the Editor

May 7, 2014

Another population crisis? Really?

Re "Fear of economic blow as births drop around world" (May 7): As a college student, surrounded by a plethora of hard-working, ambitious and dedicated students just begging to enter the work force, I find articles about the population crisis/shortage to be highly misleading. It's ludicrous to believe the growth in the pool of potential workers ages 20-64 is signaling trouble ahead.

If there are so many job openings and underutilized space in our country, then please head over to the CSU Chico campus and start recruiting. There are plenty of individuals ages 20-64 who would happily work for your company.

The handfuls of families who choose not to have more children based on financial instability are demonstrating a kind of fiscal responsibility that should be the norm. Despite this new wave of responsible procreators, I'm confident the number of irresponsible procreators will remain unchanged.

-- Morgan Dixon, Chico

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