Longevity does not equal loyalty

05/13/2014 2:05 PM

05/13/2014 12:39 PM

Re "Loyalty is a lost art" and "Beard's firing is unfair" (Letters, May 9): I worked for Tony Beard Jr. and with Dina Hidalgo for 28 years. I applaud Sen. Darrell Steinberg's courage to correct a situation that's permeated the Senate staff for years.

Longevity does not equate to loyalty. In the case of Beard and Hidalgo, it seems their seniority led to a false belief that they were running the show -- rules, ethics and professionalism be damned.

They fostered a hostile environment -- Beard ruling by fear and intimidation, and Hidalgo breaking conflict-of-interest rules that should be adhered to by an "HR professional." Instead she hired and promoted many family members and close friends, and reported confidential information to Beard.

Many staffers retired sooner than they would've liked due to a climate of distrust. I hope for a fresh start for Senate staff.

-- Lynn Rasberry, Sacramento

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