Letters to the Editor

May 11, 2014

No warrant, no smartphone

Re "Want to look at our smartphones? Get a warrant" (Editorial, April 30): I recently read about police officers having the right to search through a person's smartphone once they are arrested. I agree they should be allowed to search one's phone but only after they have a search warrant with a valid reason.

When I say a valid reason, it does not mean "They look like they are up to no good" or "They look like gang bangers or drug dealers." I can see how this subject can get a little tricky. When you have a smartphone, how much privacy do you have?

The phone company is able to see text messages and pictures. They know who you call, text and how often. These phones are becoming smarter than the person who owns them. If you own a smartphone and want privacy, then be smart and don't put things on there that can get you in trouble.

-- Cynthia Learson, Sacramento

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