Letters to the Editor

May 18, 2014

Torlakson promotes well-rounded education

Re "Torlakson devoted to making schools the best" (Forum, May 11): State Superintendent Tom Torlakson has promoted well-rounded education including career technical education for those not continuing on to college and more thoughtful education for all students. He has also worked to ensure local control of school funding to provide every student with an opportunity to succeed.

Torlakson stood up to Arne Duncan, the federal Secretary of Education, when Duncan tried to bully California into forcing students to keep taking standardized tests unaligned to California's standards or students' classroom work. With his leadership, our state is beginning to find its way out of the morass caused by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Torlakson's opponent promotes ideas popular with billionaires but not with parents, including more use of standardized tests and more public money going to private charter schools.

-- George Sheridan, Garden Valley

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