Don't drive while high

05/11/2014 7:05 PM

05/12/2014 8:59 AM

Re "How high is too high to drive?" (Page A1, May 8): It's hard to determine how high is too high to drive. Everyone's bodies react differently to marijuana, and everyone has different limits. Although I feel driving drunk is worse than driving high, it's still not a safe decision to make and put yourself and other drivers through.

Marijuana makes your world fall into slow motion. Although it doesn't cause all effects that alcohol does, it's not justifiable. When helpless people are being killed for someone else's mistake of driving under the influence, there should be a large punishment.

It's nearly foolish to think driving while high will disappear, but cracking down on punishments and making them more known would be beneficial for everyone.

-- Raquel Barba, Los Banos

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