Paul Krugman is hypocritical to bash the rich

05/13/2014 10:05 AM

05/13/2014 9:25 AM

Re "Hedge fund guys are filthy rich -- and should fork over more in taxes" (Viewpoints, May 10): Paul Krugman rails against hedge fund managers about inequality, the sort of insider privileges that give so much to so few. However, he mentions nothing about his own circumstances that suggest he lives the life he professes.

Certainly, Krugman's liberalism means few care that he once worked in the Reagan administration, he was a paid adviser to Enron, or that he has just taken a part-time $225,000 post-retirement job at City University of New York, one that, at least initially, requires no teaching.

They're just going to give him $225,000 to get his name on the list of the faculty. He doesn't have to teach or show up. His latest tirade dissing hedge fund traders suggests that isn't enough

-- Tony Rohl, Grass Valley

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