Proposition 13 also widened health disparities

05/13/2014 2:05 PM

05/13/2014 10:49 AM

Re "Stark differences widen health gap" (Forum, May 11): Daniel Weintraub's article on health outcomes fails to adequately address the causes of the disparity. He could have mentioned that Proposition 13 instituted a cap on property tax revenues. In areas where population growth is low, such as Yuba County, county governments struggle to fund quality services. Proposition 13 has also adversely affected school funding.

In 1969, before Proposition 13, California ranked second in per capita local tax revenue, a source of education funding. I believe Proposition 13 thwarts local governments by forcing them to compete for state funding.

Proposition 13 resulted in a property tax revenue decrease, so local governments used sales and income tax revenues to supplement their coffers. These revenues are substantially greater in areas with more higher wage earners, such as Placer County. Weintraub's article could have delved deeper into the factors of wealth creation and distribution in relationship to Proposition 13.

-- Jeffrey Bullock, Sacramento

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