Letters to the Editor

May 25, 2014

Who's looking out for the public?

Re "Bay Delta Conservation Plan is a 50-year gamble" (Viewpoints, May 18): John Kirlin reveals unsettling facts about our government and who runs it.

The Delta habitat is what I would call a public trust resource, a resource whose health benefits the public today and future generations. If you damage my car, you are liable for its repairs.

Water diversions damaged the public trust in the Delta. According to Kirlin, those damaging our resource seek to continue to damage it, avoid liability and require the public to pay to repair the damage those very water contractors caused. This is a huge con job. How can our public agencies like the Department of Water Resources be so corrupt as to forget that the public part of their public agency nature implies some sort of public trust responsibility? Instead those agencies work to benefit just a subset of the public.

Obviously, special interests continue to trump the public at California government.

-- Steven Kasower, Sacramento

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