Food security more needful than Tesla/Toyota

05/25/2014 3:05 PM

05/20/2014 8:57 AM

Re "Anecdote of Toyota relocation of jobs to Texas misses the full economic picture in California" (Forum, May 18): California should be run as a country, not a collection of special interests. Endowed with natural and human resources like the Ukraine, California needs people knowledgeable and wise enough for proper management and execution of the task ahead.

Breadbasket status requires responsible water resource engineering projects reaching as far north as the Columbia River to recharge the Central Valley Aquifer, and maintain mid-level reservoir storage. This is the basis of food security.

Loss of Campbell Soup in Sacramento is a more serious concern than the vicissitudes of various automobile companies. We should enable more food processing and actual growing acreage, integral with the North American Water And Power Alliance suite of engineering features above.

Events in far away places like the oil crisis in the Persian Gulf or drought in Brazil require strategic hedge, requisite for protecting jobs. Transport mix is missing. CalTrans avoids addressing local rail freight and passenger connections.

-- Gunnar Henrioulle, Colfax

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