Thornberg misses the real picture

05/25/2014 7:05 PM

05/20/2014 8:57 AM

Re "Missing the full economic picture" (Forum, May 18): Christopher Thornberg's pep piece about how California is a leader in economic growth is nonsense. It misses all the bases. Our de-industrialization continues apace, accelerated by AB32's rising CO2 taxes on energy production and use and fueling the relentless rise in prices for electricity, gasoline, food, transportation, etc.

Aerospace, automotive, aluminum, steel, oil and 600,000 other jobs are largely gone. Houston has added nine million square-feet versus one million in L.A.

Four million middle-classers have left for other states in the last decade, with birth and foreign influx replacements. We have the highest poverty rate and the largest fraction of the nation's welfare recipients.

Our schools and roads are ranked near bottom, but teachers and Caltrans employees are the country's highest paid.

The left cares little: The death spiral of the economy means increasing numbers on government assistance who will vote Democratic.

-- F. Paul Brady, Davis

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