Letters to the Editor

May 25, 2014

Ban plastic bags

Re "Ban single-use plastic bags; they need to go" (Forum, May 18): Sen. Padilla is doing the right thing. There are too many plastic objects in the world. If we can get rid of single-use plastic bags, then we should. Our ecosystem has suffered greatly due to plastic material, and I feel that losing these single-use bags will ease the suffering just a little.

With today's technology, hopefully we will be able to replace plastic with something that is biodegradable and can easily be reused and recycled. I think the best way to go about this is to recycle all our old plastic material into something better. That way we can get rid of excess plastic and get something out of it too.

I hope the plastic bag industry understands there is too much plastic in this world, and we have enough so they should stop making more. It's a small step toward a better future.

-- Anthony Hoang, Manteca

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