Letters to the Editor

May 25, 2014

Millennials in the job market

Re "I'm optimistic about future of millennials, they're not" (Forum, May 18): Thank you for your confidence in millennials, Mr. Ohman. It's disappointing that the norm for hiring managers is to refuse to talk to applicants in person - forcing them into online processes that can take an hour to apply for a single job.

Many managers also call applicants back for multiple interviews and in general are arrogant, unprofessional and rude to job seekers. It's no wonder millennials are not optimistic. However, they are definitely developing some skills in survival and tenacity.

In my experience, even in fiercely competitive job markets, a hiring manager who is professional and respectful, will secure world class talent, where professional respect is expected by both managers and employees. As our economy recovers, applicants will have many choices, and even though the tables will turn, hopefully millennials will not be as disrespectful as this current crop of hiring managers.

-- Randi Swisley, Auburn

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