Letters to the Editor

May 21, 2014

Why protest Israel? Here's why.

Re "Why protest Israel" (Letters, Feb. 14): In February, The Bee ran a letter expressing the writer's dislike for banners at the 16th & J weekly vigil calling for ending U.S. aid to Israel.

I just returned from this weekly vigil, which had the same banners, and people driving by were constantly honking and giving the thumbs-up to show their approval. Clearly, many want to end Israel's injustices against the Palestinian people, funded by $8 million a day of our taxes. As more people learn about Israel's violations of international law and human rights and understand this is not a religious conflict, they want to end our government's support for Israel's occupation, colonization and apartheid. Some are joining groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, Sacramento BDS and others to work to end these injustices.

That's why we are protesting and why people are honking in support.

-- Paul Leuenberger, Sacramento

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