Letters to the Editor

May 21, 2014

Ban bans on plastic bag

Re "Ban single-use plastic bags; they need to go" (Forum, May 18): I know for some people, 10 cents isn't much, but I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income. Every penny matters to me, and I'm frustrated that we may soon have to pay for plastic and paper bags when we head to the grocery store.

I'm just trying to make ends meet and can't afford to spend much more than I already do. It seems like grocery costs keep rising, and charging for bags at the store is adding insult to injury.

On top of that, when I heard SB 270 sends all that money right back to the grocers, I became especially upset. This isn't right. We elect our representatives to look out for our interests, not the interests of California's grocers. Why should I have to pay more so the grocers can make more? They already get enough of my money.

-- Antonia Camacho, Lynwood

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