Letters to the Editor

May 21, 2014

Climate change is a hippie concept

Re "Brown, California take lead on climate" (Editorial, May 21): Gov. Jerry Brown, and apparently The Bee, thinks the fires in Southern California are proof of climate change, which used to be global cooling and then global warming.

This concept has been propagated by tree-hugging, moonbeam hippies for decades. The editorial notes we should also be convinced of the climate change myth because of firenados. Really?

First of all, I do believe in climate change. Yeah, in winter it's colder and in summer it's warmer. No environmental plan, conservation scam, plug-in car, windmill or any such commune-concocted foolishness is going to change the weather. A battery-operated Prius is a gas saver that gets to ride in the HOV lane, and we'll never build enough windmills to power one major city.

Besides, they've already arrested a suspected arsonist. Now what's the excuse? Maybe he's a Republican.

-- Tom Orsat, Folsom

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