Letters to the Editor

May 21, 2014

Climate change hits home

It is going to be hotter in Citrus Heights thanks to a new improvement project. The city took down approximately half of the oak trees along a stretch of Old Auburn to construct a million dollar, 20-foot wide paved multi-use trail. A bulldozer is now clearing a 30-foot wide scar through some of the other last untouched forest/creek areas where they plan to extend the super highway through quiet residential areas.

Millions more in grants and city money will be spent to pave over these forest areas. The City Council accepted the plan at a recent meeting and decided it was exempt from further environmental impact studies. Residents concerns were ignored.

It is sad to see so many healthy shade trees being ripped out. There is a sign in Old Auburn says "Your Tax Dollars at Work." If so, I want a refund.

-- Pamela Mares, Citrus Heights

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