Letters to the Editor

May 22, 2014

Jobs leaving California: A good thing

Re "Missing the full economic picture" (Forum, May 18): Christopher Thornberg misses an extremely important point. Most people fail to realize that creating new companies and jobs, and then exporting them to other places is what California does best.

The data is irrefutable. There are numerous companies founded here, but now employ thousands in other places; Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Costco, Wells Fargo, Apple, Google, Facebook, the list is endless. Rather than trying to keep jobs as the article proposes, California should focus on creating new companies, increasing funding to higher education, establishing and supporting state of the art research facilities in a wide variety of industries, creating incubation centers to encourage and assist entrepreneurs and advertising heavily.

Creating and exporting new companies and jobs to other places is what California does best. Why not run with it? Those other places may thank us.

-- Peter Smith, Folsom

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