Letters to the Editor

May 22, 2014

Prop 65 protects health

Re "Warning-- this editorial may contain offensive ideas to proponents of warning labels" (Editorial, May 20): The Bee's concern about ridiculous Proposition 65 cancer warnings should be tempered by applause for the meaningful health protections that have been won for California children and families under this vital consumer protection law.

Thanks to Proposition 65, our children are playing on safer wood playground equipment made without cancer-causing arsenic, infants are no longer exposed to lead poisoning threats from baby bibs, children are eating safer candy made without lead and are wearing jewelry made without cadmium and pollution from dozens of dirty facilities has been eliminated or significantly reduced due to this vital tool for health protection.

We agree that rather than warning signs, businesses should simply make safer products and implement safer practices. Until they do, laws like Proposition 65 are essential tools for creating safer, healthier environments.

-- Michael Green, Oakland

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