Letters to the Editor

May 31, 2014

Water transfer makes great sense

Re "Proposed water sale is appalling" (Mariel Garza, May 25): Misinformed articles like this will only create confusion and a bigger mess than we are already in when it comes to the use and distribution of water.

The Bureau of Reclamation does not regulate groundwater. How is it that the Bureau of Reclamation is involved with this transfer when they have no regulatory authority over groundwater? How is it that 4S Ranch having water at 39 fee would make water available to other Merced County farmers who's wells are running dry without pumping?

If one were to properly examine the facts, you might find that this transfer is a really good thing to do by saving hundreds of acres of orchards from dying. Or perhaps the facts might persuade one to see that this transfer is not a very good idea after all.

-- Dan Spangler, Orangevale

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