Letters to the Editor

May 31, 2014

Unions not the problem with education

Re "What's at Stake? Insiders Know" (Dan Morain, May 25): Dan Morain attacked teacher unions. He blamed union seniority rules for teacher turnover in poorer districts during the financial crisis. If Morain talked to teachers' unions, he would discover there are no fiercer advocates for children.

The real problem with our educational system is social inequality. Attacking unions, Morain undermines the middle class that unions foster and thereby worsens inequality. Morain should instead advocate for adequate funding so that teachers don't quit in frustration in poor districts.

Well-meaning people who attack teacher unions think they are going to improve education by making teachers' jobs more degrading and less secure. Is that really how we will attract good teachers?

The charter movement Morain supports has made some corporatists wealth further exacerbating inequality, but it has not improved education. Moreover, it seeks to remove a precious public good, education, from democratic control, and that is sinister.

-- John S. Rundin, Davis

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