Letters to the Editor

June 1, 2014

It's the political-economy, folks

Re "State's plan for colleges is out of date" (Forum, May 25): Nancy Shulock and Colleen Moore conclude that the Master Plan is outdated, doesn't serve Californians' needs, and that dismantling the legislative mandate and our system of higher education are the solutions. I would conclude that the Master Plan is fine, and it is the promise of accessibility to higher education embodied in the Master Plan that needs to be honored.

What the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania make clear is that the Master Plan has not impeded transition from high school to college, from community college to four-year college, negatively impacted graduation rates, etc. Rather, it is the inability and sometimes the refusal of the governor or legislature to implement the Master Plan's mandate.

Rather than begin the dismantling of higher education and sell parts of it to the highest bidder, we would do well to provide all the resources necessary for students at each level.

-- Robert Jensen, Fair Oaks

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