Letters to the Editor

June 1, 2014

Privilege or norm?

Re "Surprised at the progress: the steady and certain arc toward marriage equality" (Forum, May 25): It's 2014. The United States of America has been recognized as an independent nation for 238 years. "The land of the free," and "home of the brave," seem like irrelevant statements when issues dealing with moral and choice have plague our society for generations.

For some, the so-called American Dream, is not even conquerable in a place that is so often considered the land of opportunity. How could it possibly still be a thing that the men and women who decide the laws of the land still cannot come to a consensus on the subject? Gay marriage shouldn't even be considered a privilege or a right, it should be considered a norm.

As for the many professional athletes coming out, it invigorates me that society should have to go nuts over something that is normal for so many people. Let him be.

-- Jesse Glick, Sacramento

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