Letters to the Editor

May 27, 2014

Veterans Affairs: Solution for Americas's health dilemma

Re "VA health problem" (Page A8, May 27): Singlepayer health would accomplish all of our problems with the current systems. A single national health tax of approximately 8 percent on all goods except unprepared foods, primary residents would remove the Medicare tax on wages and Social Security, and employers would no longer have to pay on wages there by lowering costs of goods and services. The underground economy would be then be paying their fair share along with all welfare payments.

I am happy with the Veterans Affairs system. It is far superior to my private secondary insurance. I get most of my RX's with VA as they are less expensive then Part D Medicare. Hillary Clinton had it right way back in 1993, but our Congress wasn't listening then. When will we learn the government was meant for us, not corporations and the insiders?

-- Harvey Nelson, Chico

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