Letters to the Editor

May 27, 2014

Isla Vista: Vote for gun regulations

Re "Killer left signs of deadly intent" (Capitol & California, May 27): For three years Elliot Roger's history screamed for attention. Now another six young people are dead and 12 wounded.

Who's at fault? Simple: Gun lobbyists, the NRA and congressional greed. In our Senate, the vote for background checks passed 56 to 44, right? Wrong. The Republican filibuster shot it down, even after Sandy Hook.

As a doctor, I have seen the results on the human body of a high velocity round. The sight is gut-wrenchingly awful. If morgue photos of Sandy Hook victims had been published, our country might have better gun regulation laws now. The firearm fat cats are even opposed to a safer German handgun with an electronic lock so it cannot be fired by a child or a stranger. Why? Money, some of which can buy Congressional votes.

Just on this one issue, you have a choice for what is right. Vote.

-- Jon W. Candy, M.D., Loomis

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