Letters to the Editor

June 8, 2014

Human rights are non-negotiable

Re "Do we own guns, or do they own us?" (Forum, June 1): Jack Ohman wants us to think of the future of our children when we consider gun policy and the Second Amendment. OK, I'll go first.

I want my son to feel the satisfaction of achievement the first time he hits the bull’s-eye. I want him to have the ability to protect himself and his family from the criminals that our society just can't seem to get under control. I want him to have access to the means for his personal liberation, should the yoke of tyranny sit too heavily on his and his fellow's shoulders.

The Second Amendment will allow my son two opportunities: the pursuit of life and liberty. The pursuit of happiness cannot happen without the first two. Let's keep it that way.

-- Brian Bainter, Elk Grove

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