Letters to the Editor

June 1, 2014

What's going on?

Re "Brinks returning money" (Capitol & California, June 1): Seems like once a year, I read about an armored car company losing a bag of money because of a door flying open in one of their vehicles. I have been driving American and foreign-made cars for the past 45 years, and not once has a hood or trunk popped open and never has a door flown open.

I have driven rental cars all across the U.S., Germany and England. Never have I experienced such an event in those cars either.

How can a vehicle designed purposefully to be secure continually have doors fly open and bags of money fall out onto the street? Are company personnel throwing money out as part of an inside job, or are the vehicles simply poorly designed? It is a mystery to me.

-- Arthur J. Sommers, Carmichael

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