Letters to the Editor

June 8, 2014

Marriage equality isn't what's destroying democracy

Re "Marriage law changes a retreat for democracy" (Forum, June 1): I have to agree with columnist Margaret Bengs when she says "The manipulation of our democratic institutions to achieve a specific end is a dangerous precedent." However, she's got the wrong culprit.

Judges ruling in favor of marriage equality are simply correcting an abuse of power. Civil rights in this country should never have been put to a popular vote. She completely ignores the fact that corporations and the ultra rich are in fact a "manipulation of our democratic institutions to achieve a specific end" - by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the post-Citizens United political system to meet their own aims.

What's really more of a threat to democracy: your neighbors Jim and Steve finally tying the knot, or Joe Billionaire buying himself a house of Congress?

-- J. Scott Coatsworth, El Dorado Hills

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