Letters to the Editor

June 1, 2014

Climate will change, regardless

Re "EPA to make Obama's big move on climate change" (June 1): It got colder, and the ice came. It got warmer, and the ice receded. Visit Yosemite Valley to see the result. There can be no debate that climate change exists.

What can be debated is whether President Obama's efforts to affect .04 percent of the earth's atmosphere is cost effective or worthwhile. What is the American contribution when compared to India, Russia, China and Africa? What is the American contribution when compared to other factors such as volcanoes, ocean currents, neutrinos, solar fluctuation, and other natural events?

To ask such questions is to be labeled a denier, held up to ridicule and denied funding. In 1975, scientists warned of ominous signs of global cooling. There is no such thing as settled science, unless you're a politician selling snake oil.

-- John Paul, Carmichael

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