Bengs Perfectly Clear

06/08/2014 6:06 PM

06/02/2014 11:42 AM

Re "Marriage-law changes a retreat for democracy" (Another View, June 1 ): Margaret Bengs has given an explanation for the mistake most have made in interpreting the Supreme Court's ruling on Proposition 8 as guaranteeing the legality of gay marriage. I thought the votes of California citizens had been thrown out with the bathwater when it went undefended by our state's elected officials.

Is this not a nation and state ruled by and for the people? We, the people, can't seem to beat the lobbyists at their game of maneuvering our own elected officials. I fully believe in freedom of speech in the workplace, the media and on the street. Often, votes may be opinions based on historical facts, religious ideology or just plain old common sense.

If the people's vote is a majority for or against and not contrary to any law, that opinion or vote should be upheld by law.

-- Betty Rivera, Fair Oaks

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