Letters to the Editor

June 2, 2014

How about a free market alternative?

Re "EPA expected to cap emissions from coal plants" (Page A1, June 2): The EPA announced its power plant greenhouse gas regulations today, targeting a 30 percent cut in emissions by the year 2030. These regulations are a long time in the making and are required by law, following from a 2007 Supreme Court decision. However, for those who dislike government regulation, there is a better alternative.

The EPA regulations are only needed because Congress has failed to pass climate legislation. There is a free market proposal to implement a revenue neutral carbon tax. All of the revenue generated from the carbon fee would be returned to citizens. This proposal could replace the EPA regulations, shrinking the size of government.

The Sacramento chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby has met with the staffs of local members of Congress, including Tom McClintock, Ami Bera and Doris Matsui to build support for this proposal, and all have been receptive.

This is a bipartisan solution we should all get behind.

-- Dana Nuccitelli, West Sacramento

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