Letters to the Editor

June 2, 2014

Safety needed on Fruitridge

Re "Parents, teachers push for safety improvements on stretch of Fruitridge Road" (June 1): After reading this article of the importance of speeding prevention on Fruitridge, I can only say that I strongly agree with the push by parents and teachers for safety precautions. However, I am concerned that a school zone sign won't be enough.

In the accounts expressed in this article, the speeding and carelessness of drivers seem to be great for only a sign to work. Especially with the scary thought of children from the many elementary, preschool, middle schools and libraries in the area. I believe that, as many of the parents suggested, a stop light would be more effective at keeping the kids safe. I am concerned at the cost and waiting time that stop lights take, a factor I didn't know existed before.

I think something needs to be done not just on this road, but in Sacramento to make stop lights more affordable and roads safer.

-- Rayna Mitchell-Rose, Sacramento

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