Letters to the Editor

June 2, 2014

Need to save water

Re "Are dams the answer?" (Page A1, June 1): The Sacramento area relies on water from Folsom Dam. Water details for the major dams are published daily in The Bee's Weather section. Presently twice the water coming in is being released, draining them all.

At the present drawdown rate, Folsom will reach the San Juan Water District pump intake level in October, and dead pool by the end of the year. Then what?

This affects not only the north area but also Sacramento, as the state has forbidden it from using Sacramento River water, leaving only the American River and ground water pumps to supply the city.

The Bee's Sunday article against dam building is a harbinger for the decline of California: giving up. We must reject that and build for a better tomorrow. Water is the real gold of California. We must save it for our use; it is our life blood.

-- Bill Jurkovich, Citrus Heights

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