Letters to the Editor

June 6, 2014

Show commitment to gender equality

Re "Events may fuel change for women" (Joyce Terhaar, June 1): Joyce Terhaar's excellent column is not about women's' issues. It's about our human condition, and our unhealthy divisive beliefs. Like our gender determines our value and capabilities? And, like we don't have men and women who perpetuate old beliefs?

I'm a social psychologist who was raised by an actively feminist mother, and a conservative father. Starting with my intelligent, frustrated mother, I've witnessed numerous manifestations of womanhood's painful experience. We need to adopt a unified belief that all human beings deserve equal opportunity, and that everyone benefits in an egalitarian culture!

Men who want to be real men share the commitment to gender equality. Misogynistic and prejudicial beliefs and practices have deeply scarred our species. Time to halt the losses, and end the bi-gender dynamics that continue a paradigm that was never appropriate.

-- Mitch Darnell, Sacramento

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