Bengs ignores right in democracy

06/06/2014 2:06 PM

06/02/2014 3:53 PM

Re "Marriage-law changes a retreat for democracy" (Another View, June 1): Writer Margaret Bengs interprets democracy as simply "majority rules," but fails to recognize the role of rights in our democracy. Our founding fathers did create this to be a nations of laws, not men. But they also established certain individual rights that they considered too important to be subject to the ebb and flow of majorities: life, speech, assembly, and others. The number of such rights has evolved over time. Women no longer are considered too intellectually weak to vote. Blacks no longer are considered undeserving of the rights of citizenship. Gradually, more people have come to recognize as unjust the old tradition of treating gays and lesbians as undeserving of the right to marry the people they love, as is taken for granted by thee, me and Margaret Bengs. Not all traditions deserve to be maintained for tradition's sake.

-- Nancy Sutter Axford, Sacramento

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