Brown should elimninate chemtrails

06/08/2014 5:06 AM

06/03/2014 6:35 PM

Re "Brown's steady march to an alternative energy future" (Forum, June 1): As one of the founders of the U.S. environmental movement back in 1969, I must point out that Jerry Brown's sustainable green economy is a sardonic fantasy until we halt all the current sprayings of toxic atmospheric aerosols known as chemtrails.

Aluminum particles from these sprayings descend to the surface of our beleaguered planet and are destroying our forests, farm fields and urban gardens at a pace so swift that if I could hang a number on it, you'd be convinced that I was opportunistically exaggerating.

Additionally they're causing major widespread health problems among people inhaling these particles into their lungs. For sufficient evidence to convince you beyond a reasonable doubt that all this is true, please go to We must act now before there's so much aluminum in our soils that it's too late to act. -- Keith Richmond Lampe, Bolinas

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