Letters to the Editor

June 3, 2014

Soda warning labels ineffective

Re Senate passes bill to put warnings on sugary drinks" (Capitol Alert, May 29): Yes, obesity and diabetes are serious public health problems in California and nationwide. However, warning labels on sweetened beverages will not improve the overall lifestyles of Californians. As a registered dietitian, I counsel individuals and families with weight concerns and diabetes. Those who are successful in changing their health learn about portion control, balanced meal plans and exercise. This is not achieved by demonizing one food, drink or ingredient.

I tell my clients, including companies like Coca-Cola, not to assign good and bad food categories, which is the core fault of this legislation. Beverage warning labels do not address the lack of understanding about basic nutrition or physical inactivity- factors crucial in turning around this mounting health crisis. In fact, these labels will only add to people's confusion.

-- LeeAnn Weintraub, Sherman Oaks

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