Letters to the Editor

June 3, 2014

STOP, just stop

Re "Group won't seek referendum on Sacramento Kings arena deal" (Our Region, June 2): The anti-arena group STOP and its followers really need to, well, stop.

Initially they claimed it wasn't about opposing the arena or the Kings, they just wanted Sacramento taxpayers to have a chance to vote on an arena subsidy. Fair enough. However, after numerous failed attempts to get an initiative on the ballot, they won't stop. Now they're engaged in a CEQA lawsuit because they believe the proposed arena will look like a crushed aluminum can. There's also a revised lawsuit that claims the financing plan is some sort of conspiracy.

Their focus has changed from taxpayer concern to getting worked up about aesthetics and alleged treacheries. What drama. How can anyone take this group seriously when their focus seems to change so often? They're not worried about taxpayers anymore. Now it's bad architecture. STOP, please stop.

-- James Hofmann, Sacramento

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