Letters to the Editor

June 3, 2014

Animal welfare at the state fair

The California State Fair (July 11-27) will feature positive changes, but for the wrong reasons. No sows and piglets in those brutal farrowing crates (a violation of Penal Code 597t), not due to humane concerns, but to fears about a fatal pig virus.

There will be no vendors selling hermit crabs as pets. Again, not for humane reasons, but simply because no vendors applied for a booth.

However, there will again be vendors giving away goldfish as so-called prizes. An estimated 15,000 goldfish were given away at the 2013 fair, most to suffer an early death, be dumped in local waters or simply flushed down the toilet. What a terrible message to send to impressionable, young children.

Please email your concerns to CalEXPO CEO Rick Pickering and the Fair Board at calexpoboard@calexpo.com.

Thanks for caring.

-- Eric Mills, Oakland

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