Letters to the Editor

June 5, 2014

Tim Sbranti deserved to win Assembly race

Re "An election not to remember" (Editorials, June 5): By failing to mention the outlandish spending by corporate interests for Steve Glazer in Assembly District 16, The Bee gives readers a distorted view of that race.

Yes, it's true unions ran a robust campaign that included hundreds of workers from all walks of life volunteering to talk to voters door-to-door in support of teacher and Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti.

It's also true that business groups outspent labor in the race, spending $3 million in support of Glazer. In the end, voters saw through the cynical campaign Glazer and his corporate backers ran, which included demonizing workers to score cheap political points.

Instead, voters chose to advance Sbranti to the general election, favoring his record of working with both labor and business to promote the common good.

-- Art Pulaski, California Labor Federation executive secretary-treasurer, Oakland

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