Letters to the Editor

June 15, 2014

Gov. Brown's abysmal environmental record

Re "Brown's steady march to an alternative energy future (Forum, June 1): Tom Hayden is right that nobody calls Gov. Jerry Brown "Moonbeam" now. He has instead transformed himself into Big Oil Brown, one of the worst governors for fish, water and the environment in California history.

Brown signed Senate Bill 4, the green light for fracking bill that clears the path for the expansion of fracking in California.

Brown has also rushed the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the peripheral tunnels, a $67 billion boondoggle that will hasten the extinction of Central Valley Chinook salmon, Delta smelt and numerous other fish species.

In 2011, the supposed green governor presided over record Delta water exports, leading to the salvage of nearly 9 million Sacramento splittail.

Finally, the governor and the Obama administration oversaw the systematic emptying of Folsom and other northern California reservoirs to deliver water to corporate agribusiness last year during a record drought, imperiling salmon, steelhead and local water supplies. -- Dan Bacher, Sacramento

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